Turkish Language Education MA

The aim of this program is to trin experts who can work at he level of expertise and lead other colleagues to gain knowledge, skills and competence related to Turkish Education. It is aimed that the experts to be trained are individuals who can work in the private sector.

It aims to educate the relevant and effective teachers in terms of benefiting the society in cases where it can produce solutions that are respectful to the values of the society and provide the necessary human resources, environment and teaching-learning processes in order to realize this. In the master's programs, the program applied for must receive at least "60" points from the declared ALES score type. In order to pass the thesis stage for the students in the master's programs with thesis, in addition to being successful in at least 4 ECTS credits required by the EABD / EASD Presidency, at least two Specialized Field courses and Seminar course must be successful in a total of 66 ECTS credits.


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