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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

General Information

  • Our Institute is set according to 30th addition item of number 2809 law on 28.03.1983; it is set with the decision of Council of Ministers’ number 2010/1074 item on 25.10.2010 and this decision is published on 15.11.2010 with number 27760th Official Newspaper.
  • Our Institute has been pursuing postgraduate education works since 2010-2011 Education-Teaching Year Spring Semester with 290 students in total studying at 2 Master’s Degrees and 11 Phd programs.
  •  Still it is pursuing its works with 5 Master’s Degree, 15 Phd Programs, 2 Distance Education Phd Programs and 714 students.
  • Our institute mainly aims to conduct Phd work, research, and projects in the area of education sciences and teacher rising.
  • Helping to raise expert man power that is needed for the development of the country and internalized the national and cultural values by developing the qualities of Phd education and scientific researches,
  • Studying to raise the pleasure level of partners by giving qualitative, fast, and superior service to students, lecturers and other relevant people.
  •  Raising scientist and leaders equipped with high qualities, have broad vision, think sophisticated.
  • Raising constructivist, creative, entrepreneur and socially responsible individuals by the help of post-graduate education and research studies, these studies are carried out by considering universal and society’s main values.


  • To be a radical, in both national and international platforms respected institute that carries the national development to the peak/top in education, science, culture and art areas.

 To be a respected institute that helps to production, use, and spread of knowledge at highest level, at the same time it contributes our country to reach beyond the level of developed and advanced countries.